The moulintours company i as family based firm issued from a cooperation of three independent shareholders aiming into your safety and comfort. Our goal is to provide to our client a reliable and high quality coach services for clients from all over the world. Our main focus is our client willing to ensure You will come back to us as frequently as You would need a transport. Thanks to constant cooperation with other important players in coach.

Our references:

We extract the best from the best of our partners experience to bring to You the most effective and complete service of coaching. One of our amicable company is Janosik agency of travel that transported thousands of clients during millions of traveling hours into hundreds of European locations. All above for sightseeing tours, excursions, transfers and other services.

Non stop support:

To remain as reliable as You would expect we bring to you an 24 hours daily and 365 days yearly support number that You can fell peaceful and confortable. You can contact us anytime in case of any problem or incertitude during Your travel. Our operator will do all his best to answer to your question.

Exclusive Equipment of coaches and Minibuses:

Besides all the equipment permitting to travel safe our coaches and minibuses are bringing a lot of comfort related equipment. Your journey will be managed by our planning software, timing is ensured by online GPS monitoring. Our coaches are equipped of electric outlets(selected ones) for You to be able to charge your notebooks or mobile phones

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